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 St. Peter Church  

Location: Durazno, Uruguay

The church of San Pedro de Durazno (St. Peter Church) іs an icon of the city, Durazno. It was redesigned by the engineer Eladio Dieste after a fire. Dieste designed a new reinforced brick ceiling, meaning that the church has no columns. The building opened in 1971.


 Eladio Dieste 

Eladio Dieste (1917 - 2000) was a Uruguayan engineer and architect who made his reputation by building a range of structures from grain silos, factory sheds, markets and churches, all in Uruguay and all of exceptional elegance. His buildings were mostly roofed with thin shell vaults constructed of brick and ceramic tiles. These forms were cheaper than reinforced concrete, and didn't require ribs and beams. In developing this approach, even in comparison with modernists the world over, he was an innovator.

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