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Project Fabrica is a self-initiated series of theoretical fashion illustrations inspired by modern architecture. This project explores the relationship between architecture and the human body translating material elements of specific buildings into body-related shapes, textures and illusions.


By using fashion imagery as a vehicle, each piece in the series embodies a hybridization of anthropomorphized architectural forms with the architectural construction of the human figure. 


Each illustration is a transformation of signature aspects of the each architects unique building forms that shift between a presentation of 2 and 3 dimensions. The series is supported by an informative website that includes portraits of the architect(s) and descriptions of the buildings.

Process and references of Project Fabrica are archived in this blog.


The individual prints from the project are for sale at INPRNT and Society 6. (coming soon)


Texts and Photographs of these architectures are complied and edited from the web . If you are the owner of these references and have an issue with the usage, please contact me and I would be happy to resolve the issue. Thank you.


 the author 

Jasu hu is a Chinese freelance illustrator lived in U.S. She studied visual communication design and illustration in art school. She is a passionate modern architecture and fashion lover.




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